Ville Platte to celebrate Bastille Day July 16

La France Nous Parle-Toujours! Creole Families' Bastille Day Heritage Festival & Commemoration!
Saturday, July 16, 9:30 am-2:30 pm, Louisiana Creole Families Bastille Day Heritage Fest & Commemorative!
Northside Civic Center
704 N. Soileau St., Ville Platte, La. 70586
Bienvenu a la fete de Bastille de Familles Creoles!
A. Welcome & Introduction by President Gene Buller who Leads Pledge of Allegiance (in substitution of Mayor if not present)
introduces schedule of events.
B. Holy Mass, Benediction of the Ancestors & Families present w/ Fr. Jason Vidrine, St. Anthony's Catholic Church & Chief John Mayeux w/ the Native American benediction.
C.Bastille Day Champagne Toast w/ Dr Charles Fontenot & Mr Eugene Fontenot honoring roll call/recognition of special guest Creoles whose work, support, friendship, teaching, art, publishing & writings have contributed to the preservation of our French & Creole heritage & culture. (List TBA)
Special guests, Dr & Madame Olivier Chatelain de Pronville of France will be present. Dr. Olivier will present a special message of our close cultursl ties to France!
D. Public Lecture by V.P. Author-scholar John LaFleur II:
"Our Rich Louisiana Creole & French Cultural Heritage-La France Nous Parle-Toujours!"
E. Special Talk by Ms Donna Demourelle-Johnson of Evangeline Genealogical & Historical Siciety: "The First Families of Ville Platte."
F. Special Announcent & Debut of "C'est Bon! Old Creole Herb & Spice of Louisiana A World of Flavor!" John L. introduces BIC members and goals!
-Lunch/Dejeuner a la Creole avec Chef John LaFleur:
Our delicious Creole Hot dogs, Bremes a la Sauce Bearnaise Creole, jardinages fraiches, de la limonade, du pain au burre, et in bon dessert.
-Musique et Danse contest winners
-Creole Ladies' Summer Beaux Chapeaux Contest-Winners, TBA!
Au-revoir et Bonne Fete a tout le monde! Et que Dieu vous benit!