Simmesport-Big Bend Cutoff Road closed due to backwater flooding

The Simmesport to Big Bend Cutoff Road (S&B Cutoff) was closed on Sunday afternoon, according to Office of Emergency Preparedness Director Joey Fronk. He said the road is being closed due to back water flooding that will over take the road. Officials toured the road and the surrounding area on Sunday afternoon and made the recommendation to close the road. The road was also closed in 2011 for several weeks because of backwaterr flooding.
People wanting to reach Bordelonville and Big Bend from Simmesport will now have to use La. Highway 1 to Hamburg and go down La. Highway 451. School Superintendent Blaine Dauzat and Supervisor of Transportation Brent Whidden said bus routes will not be affected as to what time the children will be picked up.