New book outlines French villages of Avoyelles families

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If you have been curious to know more about where the Avoyelles ancestors came from in France, check out the newly released book:
France: The Motherland of Avoyelles.
The book is arranged by many of the French surnames of Avoyelles, and tells the story of the first French immigrant by that name and a little history of the town they came from in the old world. The book brings the reader back to the town in France where Avoyelles French Creole settlers originated.
Some of the book’s photos are from the author’s trips to France, including a 1999 tour of Avoyelles families’ ancestral villages.
Stories such as Barbe Posson, a brave pioneer of the Desselle family, and royal lines such as Daigrepont and Ponthieu bring out little-known history of Avoyelles ancestors.

There are three distinct sets of French families that came to Avoyelles:
French Colonial, Quebec Colonial and Late French immigrants.
The main areas of France which hold the roots of Colonial Avoyelles French families are in the north and Normandy. The late French of Avoyelles came primarily from southern France near Spain and the northeastern corner near Germany.

Some of these families and their towns of origin are covered in the book:

ARMAND  Metz, Alsace-Lorraine
AYMOND  Mutzig, Alsace

BARBIN-DeBellevue  Melum,  Paris
BERIDON Bordeaux, Southwestern
BIELKEWICZ  LeHavre, Normandy
BIZE  Nestier, Pyrénées
BONNETTE  Mortagne, Southwestern
BORDELON  LeHavre, Normandy
BRINGOL Mousey, Alsace-Lorraine
BROU  LeMansCHAZE Nantes, France

CHENEVERT, Niort, France
COCO, Nice, Italy now France
COUVILLON Quevillon, Normandy

DAIGREPONT ”Lord” of Moulins
DeBELLEVUE  See Barbin
DAUZAT Auzat, Pyrenees, France
DeCUIR Macon, Hainaut, France-Belgium border

FIRMIN   Hezo, Rouen, Normandy
FUQUA   Le Havre, France

GAGNADRD Nantes, Brittany
GASPARD & Materne  Rosheim, Alsace
GAUTHIER Moulins, Brittany
GOUDEAU   La Rochelle, Brittany
GOUX    Agen, France
GREMILLION Courcival, France
GUILLORY   Chartres sur Cher
GUILLOT   Lyons, Normandy

HAAS    Rothbach & Ingwiller, Alsace

JANET  Lons-le-Saunier, Jura
JOFFRION  Fontenay le Compte, Loire
JUNEAU   La Rochelle,  Brittany

LaBORDE Tartas, Landes, Gascondes, Gascos, Gascony
LaCOUR  St. Jean d’ Champs, Normandy 
LaFARGE Orthez, Pyrenees
LAMARTINIERE   Savoie, France
LEMOINE   LeHavre, Normandy

MARCOTTE    Fécamp, Normandy 
MAYEUX    Maintenay, Picardy
MONCLA    Bielle, Pyrérnées
MOREAU   Potiers, France
NECK   Liepreve, Al
NORMAND Ige, Normandy

PLAUCHE    La Seyne of the Sea 
PONTHIEU County of Ponthieu
PORET  Flexicourt, Picardy
PORTERIE  Montestruc, Pyrenees

RABALAIS    Rochefort & Sceaux
REGARD    LaJoux, Switzerland
RICHE   Clairefontaine, Lorraine
ROY Dieppe
ROULE  Moulins, Nievre

SAUCIER  St. Eustache, Paris, France
SAYER   St. Sauveur, Alsace-Lorraine
ST. ROMAIN   Ranne, France

TASSIN   Mercey, Eure

VOINCHE   Lignéville, Lorraine
VOISELLES   Amiens, France

The book, printed in full color, is available through and major booksellers at $37 plus shipping.