Police visited Dauzats two hours before murder


  {This article updates the information, printed in the Sunday Journal and online at Avoyelles Today, about the murder of Natasha Dauzat and arrest of her husband, Davie Dauzat in Bellmead, Texas on Aug. 25.}
  Two hours before 21-year-old Natasha Dauzat was killed and reportedly beheaded, Bellmead, Texas police went to the mobile home and were assured by her and her husband, David  “Davie” Dauzat, that everything was okay. 
  Police had been called by Dauzat’s brother, whom they did not identify, who was concerned by phone calls he had received from David Dauzat. He wanted police to speak to him and check on his welfare. 
  Police asked if he was threatening anyone and the brother said “No,” but he was concerned about some “weird” statements and “funny questions” Davie Dauzat had made. 
  At about 11 a.m., the brother called police again and said Davie Dauzat had called him and told him he had killed his wife.
  The Dauzats had been married for two years and had lived in Hessmer before moving to Bellmead over a year ago, family members said.
  Natasha Dauzat attended La Vega Independent School District  schools in Bellmead, KWTX-TV reported.
  When police knocked on the door on the second visit, Dauzat opened and then shut the door. Police said he appeared to have blood on his shirt.
  The area was secured and a hostage negotiator was called in to talk Dauzat into surrendering.
  After a brief standoff, Dauzat, 23, surrendered and was taken to McLennan County Jail where he was charged with 1st degree murder and placed under a $500,000 bond, police said.
  As of Monday, no attorney had been enlisted to represent Dauzat.
  Two young children in the house were taken into state custody -- a 1-year-old boy and a 3-year-old girl. KWTX-TV reported that Ms. Dauzat’s mother said the children are now being cared for by Natasha's oldest sister.
Local reactions
  Since news reports began reaching this area Thursday evening and Friday morning, social media posts expressed horror, sadness and prayers for the family involved.
  Among those many expressions have been some by friends and family.
Kayla Dauzat, a cousin of David Dauzat’s, told the newspaper that her cousin “was a sweet guy that fell in with the wrong crowd.” 
  She said the couple had a stormy relationship when they moved to Texas.
  “I would like to say my cousin is not a monster,” Kayla Dauzat said. “He was a sweet guy and she was a sweet girl -- just not meant for each other.”
  Natasha Dauzat’s Facebook page included several posts indicating the family was happy.
  “I’m the happiest girl ever with an amazing husband and kids and I love them,” is one post. 
  “I love you more than anything in this world.You’re the best husband/father in the world. Me and the kids love you more than anybody and anything ever.”
   Bellmead police still would not confirm as of press time Monday the reports that Ms. Dauzat’s decapitated head was found in a freezer. 
  Reports have cited a source close to the investigation as saying the victim was stabbed and her head put in a freezer. Police are also reported to have said it was “one of the most brutal murders they had ever seen.”
  In a prepared statement, the department said there as a “premature release of information to the media” concerning that statement, but added, “no details have or had been confirmed regarding the scene or believed cause of death.” 
  The statement noted that family members “learned this horrific and tragic information through an unauthorized release of information” and stated the department “will not confirm or deny any further details of the crime scene as the incident is still under investigation.”
Morning visit
   Concerning the 8:30 a.m. visit that day, the statement said a Bellmead Police Department officer and supervisor went to the residence. David and Natasha Dauzat both came outside and spoke with the officers.
   “The officers asked a series of questions that would normally be asked during this type of welfare concern,” the statement noted. “The officers were primarily speaking with Davie, but Natasha also asked and answered questions voluntarily. 
  “There was no indication from Natasha or Davie that either of them was in distress or in need of police intervention at that time,” the statement continued. “They both appeared calm and expressed their curiosity why the police were there. All were in agreement there was no reason for concern and the officers left.”
  Bellmead Police Chief Lydia Alvarado said authorities “appreciate your patience with what will be a lengthy process through the investigation and continue to support and respect the family in this traumatic and tragic time.”